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We welcomed our renters about 4pm Friday, 08 January and ready or not our 2016 holiday trek began. A trip over to visit Ryan in Alberni for Friday and Saturday nights started us off in style then down to Victoria for an evening of fun and frivolity with "the gang of 8" at Lari & Gayles house.

Lari dropped us at the ferry so we and our backpacks took the easy jaunt across to stay with Erin and Laura in Yaletown. A 4:15 AM departure to catch our flight south brought out the best in Donna as she chatted pleasantly with the cabbie and there were no incidents at customs despite the slightly earlier than normal wake up time. Our flight to LA was easy and Donna managed to secure exit row seats for the Cancun leg so it was a very comfy flight.

Hitting the ground in Cancun, through customs in a flash and then off to find a way downtown. After some checking around we found the taxis were a bit pricey and the collectivos (shared vans) wanted $20US. Donna found one who said $17US which actually turned out much less as we were able to pay in pesos. One of our fellow travellers explained that few people have pesos or bother to do the conversion so the drivers just pick a US amount and people pay it. Anyway we headed off with 2 Mexicans, an American, 2 young girls from Toronto and a German guy with his surf board. As it turned out we were the last dropped off so got a full tour of the hotel zone before hitting downtown and our place. The hotel was excellent, quiet, clean with friendly staff and we had 2 great nights of sleep. After checking out the area we determined Ryan’s advise to leave Cancun ASAP was valid.

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