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Our dinner prep table

Cameron, Nader, Anna, Francisco, and Marie at our apartment

Marie, Francesco, Nader, me, Brian, Anna, and Cameron at our apartment

Brian, Anna, Francisco, and Sarah at the end of the night

Dinner last night was incredible! We ended up having four guests for dinner (who broughtwine AND did the dishes), so it was a lot of fun. We are now obsessed with making homemade pesto from our basil plant- it was the best bruschetta we've had in Florence so far! Also, we had chocolate for dessert, but right as we were finishing dinner, Velario brought us this incredible gelato dessert. It was an apple, a pear, a peach, and strawberries that were all cut in half, filled with their corresponding flavor of gelato, then put back together and frozen. It was SO good!

We all went out for dancing afterwards, so my roommates and I all slept in until about 1:30 this afternoon. It was actually kind of unfortunate, because it is absolutely gorgeous today! The sky is perfectly blue and there is a lovely breeze so that it is not too hot. We went shopping again in the city center for a few hours, and now we are just hanging out at home.

I have had a couple of people comment about how much I mention food on this website. I hope it doesn't bother anyone, but food may be the best thing about this country (well, and wine).

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