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Our cruise ship in Gran Canaria. We are at the back on...

Gannetts diving behind some fishing vessels

We have 8 days at sea between Gran Canaria and Namibia and are travelling down the coast of Africa being about 26 mile from the coast at one time. On the first day there were a lot of birds around, mainly gannet and different types of skua, mostly around fishing vessels. We also saw some dolphin and a small whale cruising past blowing and one dive so it is always interesting what you are going to see on a walk round the deck.

A typical day starts with a leisurely breakfast and a few exercises and stretches either on the floor of our cabin (a bit of a squash!) or on the gym floor where they have mats and a ball as well as exercise equipment. Walking round the promenade on deck 3 is 0.9 mile for 3 times round so you can have a good walk undercover out of the sun if you want. You can also walk round deck 9 outside if you go up a deck at each end..

There is a lecture in the theatre every 11am at sea and we have heard some good talks from Bill Bryson and Clare Balding who was very very funny. She had some great tales about her interviews and encounter with famous people, particularly princess Anne when they were both young amateur jockeys.

At 12.15 there is always a different ballroom dancing lesson and the couple are both brilliant dancers (number 7 in world at one time) and excellent teachers. They cope with both the beginners initially for the basics ( but add little details for the more experienced dancers) and a more advanced bit at the end.

After a quick late lunch there is other entertainment or fun competitions like deck quoits or paddle tennis or another lecture/talk, perhaps on the next port. We usually rested before a 4pm days swim, jacuzzi and getting organised for our early evening meal at 6pm. There has been some sequence dancing after the evening meal at 7.45-8.30 and the evening show/entertainment in the theatre starts at 8.30pm which makes it a very busy day and we have usually had enough by 9.30 after the show unless it is a formal evening. On these the dance teacher pair give a dance demonstration at 10.15pm so we stay up for that as they are brilliant.

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