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Singapore sunset

The moose grazing in the cactus display at Gardens by the Bay

Usually, I find that a capital city is a capital city; and it's when you leave that you discover what a country is truly about. Obviously, this would be impossible in Singapore. Luckily, Singapore is amazing all on its own and became one of my favourite cities as soon as we emerged from the metro station on that first morning. Not only is it immaculately clean, safe, and beautiful, but its residents are friendly and helpful, and the whole culture is a spectacular mosaic of people from around the world. Take our dining experience as an example:

Day 1: traditional Singaporean street breakfast of "kaya" on toast and a half-boiled egg; Aloo Geera and fresh garlic naan for lunch in Little India; dinner on the quay was Sri Lankan crab stir fried in black pepper.

Day 2: western breakfast at the hostel - toast with Nutella and coffee; Turkish kebab assortment for lunch in Haji lane; then a 3 course Malaysian street food dinner at a group of outdoor food stalls right on the water.

Drooling yet? Wandering around Singapore is like having all of the highlights of the world condensed into one place. One minute we'd be shopping at a street market in Chinatown, the next we were shuffling our bare feet through a Hindu temple in little India. People from all around the world live in this tiny city-country and somehow manage to keep it clean, safe, and authentic. Not only that, but Singapore is world-leading in green technology. Google Gardens by the Bay and you'll see what I mean. We spent hours there - so did the moose haha. It's true that Singapore has strict laws, but the rules are simple: basically don't make a mess (even eating in the wrong place can cost you $1000), and be nice to people (there's actually a metro staff member whose job it is to make sure that elderly people or pregnant women get seats on the train and don't have to stand).

We loved Singapore, and can't wait to come back!


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