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Today had some good and some bad. Let me tell you about the good first.

We picked up Greg & Barb at 10:00 and drove to the border with Mexico, for some fun and some shopping.

I wanted to get a haircut, and purchase a new leather belt, while Marilyn planned to get a pedicure and a manicure.

Greg enjoyed an hour long massage while Barb enjoyed a manicure and pedicure, just as Marilyn did.

We decided to have lunch before returning to the US side of the border, stopping to make a couple of purchases along the way.

I found a nice leather belt I liked and Marilyn bought some of those peanuts coated with lime flavor, which we like to serve at Happy Hour.

We hurried toward the border wanting to get back home in time to join our friends, Mike & Marian for Mass at 4:00 PM.

We knew we were cutting it close as it was only a few minutes before 3:00 and we still had to clear customs and then drive about 40 minutes to get back.

Our hearts sank when we approached the bridge across the Rio Grande as the line to clear customs stretched more than half way across the bridge.

The only time we had seen lines this long at the border was in Algodonas, near Yuma, Arizona.

Just like those times, it took us a good 45 minutes to get across the bridge, clear customs, and head home.

We tried to hurry but it was 4:20 when we arrived at our RV.

The first thing we noticed was our friend, Eddie, putting a note on our door.

Our friends, knowing we planned to be back in time for Mass, were concerned about us, and were making calls and leaving messages for us. Our phones were turned off and left behind in the RV when we drove off to Mexico, so no one could reach us. That was our Bad!!!

Having good friends like Mike & Marian, Eddie & Jan, Bob & Janet, Jesse & Ginger, and Steve & Cathy is sure a blessing to us and we felt a bit ashamed of ourselves for not being more prepared to be able to contact them when we were late returning from Mexico.

Thank you dear friends for being the good people you are, and for being our friends. We promise to be more careful in the future.

It is because of all of our friends that we can easily say: Life is Good!

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