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We are beginning to have really busy days. I didn’t expect that once I retired.

The fact is that we do often have time to sit and relax, visiting and laughing with friends, or time to share an adventure, going somewhere for a day of fun.

However, reality says that life itself is an experience and there are many duties and responsibilities which require our time and our resources.

This morning we were slow to get started but finally had to get up and face the day.

After the regular coffee and some freshly baked cherry turnovers for breakfast, we each began completing the chores on our “to-do” list.

I made the bed, took out the trash, made several phone calls, downloaded and printed a form needed for some business, then completed the paperwork and took care of that business.

I drove our truck to the inspection station and now the truck as well as the car, is ready to register and license in Texas.

While I was taking care of these things, Marilyn was ironing clothes, doing dishes, and then fixing a bite of lunch for us.

I called the tax office in Livingston, Texas, and obtained information about the forms I need to download from the internet, and the proper procedure to complete the process of becoming residents of Texas.

I will write about the process as we go along but should let you know that it will cost us about $600 to get all three of our vehicles registered and licensed. I guess that isn’t too bad when the end result is that you will be a Texan. LOL

After lunch we were happy to find time to relax and settle into the comfort of our recliners to read our books. The fireplace added ambiance and warmth on this cool day.

Life is Good!

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