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Today the fun was in Mexico.

All but two of our group of friends met at our place at a quarter to ten this morning. Bob drove with Janet, Jesse, Eddie, and Jan riding along.

Ron & Virginia rode with us, while Steve & Cathy took their truck and joined us all.

Dennis & Jackie were waiting in the parking lot on the US side of the border.

It sure was nice to see these good friends again, after several years.

We all stopped in at the “El Disco” store for a margarita and conversation to help the group get acquainted with one another.

With that first item complete, we walked down the street to the Red Snapper. We waited a few minutes while tables were moved together, making room for all 13 of us.

By the time our drink order arrived, the music had begun and the conversation had everyone’s attention.

The laughter was pretty constant as the good sense of humor was on display. We all enjoyed the food, drink, music, and the company.

The best way to say it, is that a good time was had by all.

After several hours of fun, dancing, and raucous laughter, we headed back toward the border.

Some shopping along the way made the day complete and we said “so long” to friends, Dennis & Jackie, with hugs and hopes of getting together again.

Back home Marilyn & I changed into our PJ’s and sat down to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play the Houston Texans.

Life is Good!

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