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We walked a mile after sharing our morning coffee, and then began working on a few items from the “To-Do” list.

Marilyn & I both needed to get our clothing organized for the trip we are taking later this month. It appears that we need to go shopping sometime soon.

I haven’t shopped for clothing since we rebuilt the wardrobe after the fire we had several years ago. In our lifestyle we don’t need much and I tend to wear the same clothing, simply taking from the top of the stack of shirts, etc, each morning.

Our friends, Eddie & Jan, stopped by in the afternoon so we sat together outdoors, enjoying the nice weather and a cold drink, as we chatted about the trip we are planning together.

The setting sun triggered cooler temperatures and our friends headed off to home.

Marilyn & I went inside where we sat sharing chicken & noodles for dinner, enjoyed from the comfort of our recliners.

Somehow the time passes quickly and the day is over before you realize it, and now it is time to simply relax, enjoy some TV and some reading before heading off to a good night of sleep.

It is supposed to get all the way up to 79 degrees tomorrow, so we will have to get outdoors to enjoy that awesome weather and maybe get a few chores done.

Wish the grandkids were here to enjoy the swimming pool.

One thing we know for sure is that Life is Good!

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