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We took our time getting into the day today. Our usual morning coffee was followed by a walk in the comfortable 68 degree temperature.

After a little more than a mile walk, Marilyn began cleaning the Casita and the RV. I helped some and then worked to complete the paperwork for becoming Texas residents.

I drove to the resort next door seeking a Notary Public and had the required signatures notarized. Then Marilyn & I drove to the post office to mail the forms. We should have a Texas address soon.

The next step after we have a Texas address will be to have the car and the truck inspected and then to get them licensed here in Texas.

The RV will take a bit longer but the process is similar.

We stopped at the HEB grocery store on the way home from the Post Office, and made a couple of purchases. We brought home one of those roasted chickens. We took the meat off the bones, and then added it to the “Reames” frozen egg noodles I fixed for dinner.

The chicken and noodles were served over mashed potatoes. Yummy!

That is one of my favorite dishes. Delicious for sure.

Tomorrow we need to get our clothing sorted for the trip we are taking later this month.

I also want to get the air compressor out of its storage bay and air the tires on the truck as well as the air ride system on the RV.

So you can see that we really don’t have a lot to do. I must admit that this life of retirement is pretty rough but someone has to do it. Right?

We have all the windows and the door open this evening but there isn’t a breath of air moving out there.

No matter because we know that anytime you can have windows and doors open on January 6th, Life is Good!

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