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12/27 Mari arrived to stay in our room the night before...the original room would have needed a roll away bed but David who checked us in was feeling very generous so he gave us a suite! Really a nice fellow cause he threw in free wifi as well.

So we spent the eve and morning watching TV (we had 2 in our room!). Check out was noon which is exactly when we left, caught the shuttle to the airport, and checked our bags before settling in for what turned out to be a 3 hour wait since the plane left an hour late. The seats were quite cramped for a 14 hour flight but 2 movies (Sacario and Terminator 3) helped a bit.  Plus the 2 meals were quite good (Mari drank for all 3 of us, ha).  

We landed in Abu Dhabi around 9 pm their time and spent the next 5+ hours waiting for our next flight which was also an hour late taking off (close to 3am). Mari and I killed much of the time playing crib...poor gal didn't win once.


Breakfast and another movie managed to eat up the 3+ hours flight time landing in New Delhi around 6 a.m. A leisurely customs/security/ baggage pick up (the airport at this early hour was almost empty save for our planeload), and getting $$$ got us to the Delhi Metro by 8 which dropped us at main rail station (end of line) by 9. It was a bit confusing at this point because none of us realized we were on the far E. side of the station so we spent quite a bit of time debating which direction to go to get to our intended guesthouse, Ajay, where we have stayed many times in the past. After we had asked a number of people and discovered the truth in where we were, it was just a relatively short walk before we arrived at Ajay. They had a room for us thankfully. After eating some lunch, I retuned to our room as  and promptly fell asleep...


15 hours later I awoke finally refreshed, ha! Bon and Mari had not been far behind me in sleep, so we determined it best to head for the railway station post haste to make reservations to get to Goa. Unfortunately, we forgot our past experiences and believed a fellow at the gate who told us the Government Tourist Reservation place had changed. We fell for this line not once but TWICE! Walking for the next 1 1/2 hours here and there to only find PRIVATE  agencies, we finally went where we had always gone in the past at the main rail station upstairs! Bingo, time not quite wasted since along the way we bought tickets for Star Wars movie at 7:45 p.m. Got the LAST tickets, sleeper 2nd class to Margoa, Goa leaving tomorrow (31st) afternoon! Yahoo! Afternoon we went to see Mughal Red Fort, had street chai, rode an Indian 'helicopter' (bicycle rickshaw), and killed time at Caunaught Circle people watching 'til movie.

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