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This is a very pretty park situated between a bay and the gulf. Not terribly busy when we arrived but did fill up a bit for Christmas. We dedicated ourselves to being tourists and doing touristy things. That said, we hit the junk clothing and seashell stores and just generally cruised to see the area. We all agreed that a fine seafood dinner was what we would do for Christmas eve since we planned to cook at home for Christmas.

Rowland was the designated driver for tbis outing. We started around 3:30ish with a guidebook in hand. The first place on the list was closed until February. Not daunted, we went on down the road. After passing several more that were closed we finally got the idea that it would be a miracle to find a place open on Christmas eve. Then the fog came in to make it more difficult to see what might be open. Finally, after driving many many miles, we saw a place that looked open. So we found a place to park across the highway and walked to the restaurant, only to find that they had closed early. Rats! And then....We noticed that the place across from the first place still had lights on, and did not close for a other half hour! And they were happy to seat us! So we got our Christmas eve dinner just like we had planned. Row and Pen had shrimp, Don had tuna and I had grouper stuffed with crab. Yummy!

Christmas was low key for us. We had agreed not to get gifts then exchanged the gifts that we had all gotten on the sly anyway. Dinner was new ham, broccoli, sweet potato soup and pecan pie and really well done brownies for dessert. It was great!

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