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Today was Mother-Daughter Day for Marilyn and Jennifer.

So the ladies were off shopping, leaving me behind to take care of the Grand kids. We had a good time for the most part and the kids were pretty good, considering that they were pretty much trapped in a small space on a cool, wet, rainy day.

I took the kids and we went looking for the UPS store. We never did find what we were searching for, and ended up at the Walmart where we shopped for groceries and a gift for Bella, Jesse & Ginger’s little dog.

We picked up lots of snacks to share while watching football today but didn’t watch much. The kids would rather play, so we went outdoors to play catch with the football, even in the light misty rain.

We were still outdoors when the ladies returned, and football was quickly replaced by swimming. Jennifer and the grand kids headed across the street to swim in the heated pool.

This is the final night for the kids to be here this winter. They will need to be at the airport in Harlingen by 3:30 tomorrow, so we’ll probably leave here in time to stop for a late lunch before taking all of them to the airport.

Marilyn & I will be lonesome for a while but will welcome the quiet for a bit. It will be nice to sleep with my spouse after a week of sleeping in the hide-a-bed by myself.

It has been a good week, even with the typical chaos of having company for a week.

One thing we know for sure is that Life is Good!

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