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These possums hang around in the day time and go inside at...

Rainbow overlooking the valley from Mom's mailbox

Turkeys outside the camper door

Turkey getting fattened up!

They follow me around

Alaska Halibut for dinner

Grandson Michael trying to play games with his dogs helping

Geocache in a book in a small library

Bowling with Jack, Linda and Johnny

Jack attempts Jedi mind tricks on Johnny

Linda telling Jack what is what.

A one eyed Jack!

Whiteside theater in Corvallis. Its a Wonderful LIfe was playinng.

Mom teaching me how to make fudge.

Justin has not seen a film camera that he can remember! Checking...

Between shopping and wrapping, and helping my mom wrap, we have been enjoying Scio. The turkeys are frequent visitors to our yard. Most of the time we see a flock of about ten. Then sometimes more and sometimes less. One time there was 15 here. Mom has seen as much as 40 in the backyard at one time.

We went to a very clever geocache. This one was at a very small roadside lending library. The geocache was actually in one of the books which was hollowed out.

We have been over to my brother Jack’s house a few times. We go there and play games. One day we rode the Christmas shoppers’ trolley around the city of Corvallis, hitting a few bookstores and coffee houses/ bakeries. It was a fun outing. Another time we went bowling. We have not bowled in a very long time and our scores showed it! But we did have fun though Jack says his knee will never be the same.

One night we went to an old theater in Corvallis and watched the movie "Its Wonderful Life". We sat up in the balcony. Great memories.

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