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Arriving at Ryan and Becca's apartment

Senator Street is on the National Register of Historic Places

Entrance to Owls Head Park

Leaves in the wind.

Verazzano Narrows Bridge on a very windy day!

The Statue of Liberty as viewed from very near Ryan's work shop

Coffee kegurator inside Ryan's shop

Key Lime pie anyone?

That is an Airstream on top of a roof. In NY space...

Looking at Manhattan

The Brooklyn Bridge framing the Empire State Building

Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge

Jane's Carousel at the Brooklyn Bridge

Of course we rode it!

Some lucky kid's birthday party will be here!

A humdinger of a hummer limo. Maybe for the birthday boy?

Wall art

At Sheila's apartment on the roof in Manhatten

Other people's backyards.

A view of Ryan's current project for work.


I Love NY

Cheese store goodies

And a Lindy Special at Lindy's restaraunt

Carnegie Hall

Central Park local

wildlife photography in Central Park

There are a lot of people to watch....and blue dogs too.

This Chinese musician has been asked about his instrument a lot!

And in Central Park is another Carousel!

So we rode that one too!

View from Central Park of Manhattan

Ice skating at Central Park

And evening falls on another wonderful day.

We drove up to Brooklyn Friday night just as my baby Ryan was getting off work. Becca came home soon after. We had a great weekend with them. We are so proud of the adults they are. And Ryan had even stocked his fridge for us. Usually it was him cleaning out the fridge whenever he would come home. It was so nice to be able to return the favor! . He even had Coke in glass bottles. One of Mike’s favorites! We had a great dinner which included some of the famous Della-Peruta roasted peppers and some sausage spinach and cream cheese roll up stuff that I thought was amazing.

Saturday we explored Brooklyn. Ryan and Becca live in an area called Bay Ridge which is in the Southwestern corner of Brooklyn. We walked down the block to Owls Head Park. A very nice park to walk in. Who says trees don’t grow in Brooklyn!

Then we picked up an Uber Ride (modified cab service) and went to Red Hook area. It is a nice area too. We also went to see where Ryan’s shop is. He has a nice view of the harbor from there, where we could see the Statue of Liberty. Ryan works for a company (MADE) that remodels high end NYC apartments. We had a tour of the shop where the carpenters create some of their magic and saw a nice table that Ryan was working on. One cool thing we saw in there was a kegerator, but it was for coffee not beer. Cool stuff.

We walked to a bakery called Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie. “One of only two in the country” they say “and the other is not in Florida”. I did not look that up to see where the other one was. We went to a place called the Lobster Pound for lunch. I had Lobster Mac and Cheese and Chowdah. Yes that is how they spell chowder…it is a Maine thing, just ask my mom! Really good stuff! Mike had Lobster Roll.

We walked to a small park under the Brooklyn Bridge. Several people were getting wedding pictures taken there. We rode an old wooden carousel made by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company. There is a nice story about how one woman managed to gather all the parts back together after it was sold off.

We walked nearby to Sheila’s apartment. She is Justin Bakers cousin. Justin (who now lives in Seattle) happened to be in the area and invited us. It was a chili cook off party. There were a lot of people crammed into this apartment. We checked out the views from the roof/ porch. Pretty awesome.

The next day we were off again. This time took a subway to Manhattan to see Ryans jobsite where he is doing work on an old brownstone. This place was really cool. Italian marble tub and special windows that go up the entire back of the place. Beautiful woodwork throughout. It was awesome to see, and nice to see the pride Ryan had in his work. We also went to Murrays Cheese nearby. More cheese than you can imagine. We picked some up to take home with us. Further along our walk, we came to Lindy’s. This is a famous lunch stop. We filled up and picked up cheesecake to go, along with our left over lunch. Just down the street was Central Park. We strolled through there to walk off our lunch and found another carousel. Of course we had to ride that one too. Next we saw an ice skating rink. Apparently it had opened very recently. Mike, Ryan and Becca went ice skating. I offered to uh…stand back and take pictures.

Back at Ryan and Becca’s apartment, their friend Allie came over. We played cribbage and watched episodes of Duck Dynasty. It was a fun way to wrap up the weekend!

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