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Landing in Chicago

Chicago Dog!

The Oregon Trail

Very weird story here!

Those wagons are smaller than our camper!

Almost Thanksgiving so Oregon Christmas trees get harvested

Still Fall....for now

Leaves are bright in the sun

The next day we had frost

Frost is pretty on the weeds

Thanksgiving birthdays

The vacation was over so we had to go back to Oregon. We flew through Chicago and made sure to get a Chicago style Hot Dog at the airport between planes. When we landed in Portland it was late, so we spent the night there again and drove back to Scio in the morning.

On the way we stopped at the End of the Trail Museum, dedicated to the Oregon Trail. It had some interesting displays and information. The oddest was about a man who took his dead son with him in the leading wagon. (See story on the picture). That is one strange fact that I never knew.

Only a few days and it was Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad’s house. The family came over and we also celebrated three birthdays. Both of my brothers and mom have birthdays near this time. We had a nice dinner.

We are staying in my parent’s travel trailer for a bit since ours is still getting worked on. Parts have been ordered so we are waiting, and waiting. But we are thankful for family and a place to stay while we wait.

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