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Street blues/jazz band on Christmas night

Bourbon St Christmas night

Breaky - crawfish omelette with grits- grits were yuk!

Beignets- these were nice

Enjoying breaky

The breakfast band

Outside the cafe

Downtown Lafayette - see how busy it was! 𯘉

Zachary's lunchtime treat

Walmart fun!

View from our window

Interesting comment in room


Went out at 7pm to go to a jazz place, but the lineup was out the door & round the corner, so we roamed the streets & came across a jazz/blues band playing in the street. If it wasn't so hot, we would have stayed for longer. Bought a mango daiquiri, Ji bought fried chicken for dinner, & it was a good end to Christmas 𿎄


Got all packed up, and since checkout is not until 12pm, went for a stroll & found breakfast. Walked along Bourbon St & found a cafe with live music. Zachary & I had crawfish omelettes (of course), Darren a ham & cheese omelette & Ji had Belgium waffles. We also tried the local donuts called beignets - yum! Slowly walked back to the hotel & checked out.

Only 2.5hrs to Lafayette, but we are staying 30mins out of Lafayette at a Casino & horse track in Opelousas. We checked in at 12.30pm ( was suppose to be 1 room with 2 queen beds, but we got 2 rooms with 2 queen beds in each - score!!) & then went for a drive to Lafayette, as Ji had found an ice cream shop to tryout 𿘀 I think this is one of his missions, to find the best ice cream/ milkshake shops in each place we stay! Zachary tried the banana split with candied walnuts & 6 scoops of ice cream & ate it all! I suppose what else do you do in downtown Lafayette on Boxing Day & everything is closed.

On the way back to the hotel, we found a Walmart & we had to go in. Everything is big, including the people! Ji wouldn't let us buy any clothes there & was horrified that we would even look!

Returned to the hotel to rest & checked out the restaurants at the Casino. The boys were excited to find there is a buffet, so that is dinner sorted! Went down to the buffet & gave it a good crack. Zachary, Ji & myself tried something new - FROGS LEGS! They were fried, but the mental thought was almost too much, and no they do not taste like chicken.

Early night

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