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Our Christmas Day began in an auspicious manner.

Marilyn was up at 5:00 and by the time I put my feet on the floor at 7:30, she had coffee made and was working on the Christmas dinner items we are sharing with friends at the home of Mike & Marian.

The tantalizing aroma of good food cooking filled the RV.

She served me a cup of coffee, but when I announced my intention to jump into the shower as soon as I finished a cup of coffee, she informed me that we had no water pressure.

A quick check with friends revealed that there was a water line break and the entire portion of the city where we live was without water.

I needed to fuel the truck for a drive to Harlingen this evening to pick up our daughter and grandkids, so I took off to accomplish this simple task.

Walmart was closed including the filling station part, the competing station across the highway was closed also, as was the next place I tried. I finally found a “Stripes” station which was open with cars lined up at the pumps, but they had no diesel fuel.

I continued the quest and finally located another “Stripes” station which had diesel fuel and was also open.

All of this trouble was my own fault, because I failed to get everything done yesterday. I am in favor of businesses being closed on Christmas Day so that the families can spend time together on this holiday.

By the time I returned home, the water supply had been restored, although the pressure remained a bit low.

I am writing this blog early because we are going to become quite busy sharing a wonderful Christmas Dinner with good friends, Mike & Marian, Jesse & Ginger, and Steve & Cathy, before driving the one hour drive to the airport in Harlingen to meet Jennifer, Colby, and Lauren. Unfortunately our Son-in-Law, Steve, only has the three day weekend off and then returns to work on Monday, while the rest of the family is staying here until New Year’s Day.

By the time we return to the resort, get the family settled in, open gifts, grab a bite to eat, play with the kids, etc, it will be late once again.

Tomorrow we have an adventure planned, but for now I’ll simply wish all of you dear readers a Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Please remember to say a prayer for our Military, who are spending this Holy Holiday far away from family.

Because of them we can say with certainty, Life is Good!

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