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Marilyn & I shared our coffee this morning from the comfort of our lounge chairs on the patio.

We saw our friend Mike as he rode by on his bike, but not even a twinge of guilt entered my brain. We’ll cheer him on though. Way to go, Mike!

Later in the morning we spoke to him on the phone, and we’ll spend part of our Christmas day with Mike & Marian, as well as Jesse & Ginger and Steve & Cathy.

We also chatted for a while with Greg & Barb, but had to leave so we could drive over to Weslaco to pick up our new yard sign.

We took the more leisurely route which takes longer but has much less traffic.

The new sign looks really nice. We like it a lot and I promise to get a picture posted for you dear readers. Marilyn did take pictures with her phone so they are probably posted on her Face Book page.

It was really hot today and that made it a poor day to fix a kettle of soup, but Jennifer really likes my Hamburger soup, so I made myself busy cutting and chopping veggies for the soup, and soon the RV had a wonderful aroma wafting around inside.

Cathy dropped by later in the afternoon, as did Barb & Greg. We sat outdoors chatting and laughing until the mosquitoes came out to join us, and seemed to enjoy the only snack available. That snack would be us, along with our friends.

Marilyn & I shared a bit of dinner before settling down to watch some TV and relax.

We are hoping for a good night of sleep because we’ll be up late tomorrow night.

Jennifer and the Grandkids will be here for a week. Hooray!

Life is Good!

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