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G'day mates! We are here in Albany now, in the lovely and comfortable home of Darryl and Corinn. Two days ago we left the cabin outside of Walpole and continued south-southeast on the South Coast Highway. We were prepped for a swim, because we stopped at Greens Pool in William Bay....gorgeous area! I can now say I've been in the Southern Ocean :) Okay, the water was quite cold, but the color of the water is very striking, and the beach is wonderful. The sun was intense. The bay is scattered with very large, interesting rocks.

Afterward, we drove on to the town of Denmark for lunch: potato topped meat pies, from an award winning bakery. Nice little city, with a laid back, bohemian feel. Corinn and Darryl have been excellent tour hosts, taking us to their favorite sites along the way. It's been a great way to see and absorb this part of the world.

Darryl and Corinn's home is set on a slope, with an excellent view of Oyster Harbor, and beyond, the larger harbor of King George Sound near Albany. The house is surrounded by lush plants. Outside is a double deck, with a lower level octagonal portion as their own version of a "tree top walk". Colorful wild parrots regularly use the water bath. There is a shy ring tailed possum as a nighttime visitor in the porch rafters.

Yesterday was very warm, hot actually. Corinn and I went into Albany for lunch; she met a lot of folks she knew, and all commented on how warm it was. These south coasters aren't used to such high temperatures this time of year, but lo and behold, a front came through last night and it's cooler today. Yesterday I did a bit of clothes shopping - me oh my I didn't plan to do that on this trip, but it just happened!

Yesterday we met their great friend and former employee Jackie, whom I've been hearing about for years. She's very nice, and lots of fun... a good cook too! She brought over her chicken pie for us for dinner...yum!

Today we visit the farm in Wellstead, where it all started (in Australia) for Corinn and Darryl !

Wifi is done with phone hotspots right now. Pix to follow.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

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