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The braking system in the tow vehicle can run the battery down...

Towing a car behind the motorhome involves wiring the taillights.

A hair dryer is one of the handiest items you can carry...

A new TireMinder is replacing my old one. Bigger screen, improved performance.

The NOAA program follows us and reports on the weather as we...

The installation of FireSlayer was very easy. A fire will automatically release...

One of the best tow vehicles is the 1999 - 2004 Chevrolet...

This auto parts store thermometer has a probe I could drop down...

A new weather radio to jolt us out of bed when that...

You may not hear your clock, but overnight guests might. A new...

Traveling full-time, especially with a wife, may require more closet space.

A handicapped hand rail in the bathroom can be handy when the...

This flashing light tells me what my 12 volt Inteli-Power converter is...

Our son was on Jeopardy years ago, and Hazel never misses an...

If you have to leave your RV unattended, this camera could help...

Protecting our new awning with Camco awning clamps.

Our icemaker makes a pound of ice an hour.

Replace your beatup paper atlas with this durable Rand McNally with laminated...

Our Dometic portable freezer allows us to stock up when steaks are...

The Dometic dual voltage freezer in the basement is monitored here.

The Winegard Pathway X1 is the smallest and fastest RV dome on...

The 100 watt Renogy solar system folds and fits in a protective...

This stainless steel BBQ grill uses our RV propane supply.

We replaced our old AM/FM radio with this XM-Sirius satellite receiver.

We needed a softener, staying at too many places with terrible water.

Electric heat in the RV basement keeps the holding tanks from freezing.

With the La Crosse system, I can check the temperature back home...

My Tom suggested this name for our motorhome.

Sometimes, you see something that reminds you of something else.

The Presto "Liddle Griddle" is the right size for an RV.

This product can legally be shipped and used in all states.

The Suction Cup Buddy keeps things like this soap dish permanently in...

Turn yourself into a Simpsons character for $12 bucks.

Slippers are much nicer than clunky shoes around the RV or cabin.

You can take this scale along on a cruise with an ''all...

Soft silicon giant ice cube trays perfect your your RV refrigerator.

This booster significantly improves the WIFI signal from our cabin to the...

These new LED lights do not need to be removed to roll...

A walk-thru baby gate to keep our dog out of the RV...

Val's Hamburgers in St. Cloud, Minnesota is not to be missed. I...

If you are moving around in an RV you need this smartphone app to find where the television stations are and where to point your antenna.


An interesting link. Click here to see it.


Webmasters: Sign-up for with Global Air Links. Updated Daily, and the service is FREE. Click here to learn more. (almost every possible place to camp) (which Walmarts allow overnight parking)

Allstays smartphone applications (Find RV parks, Walmarts allowing parking, and more on your phone.) (a good supplier of RV parts and accessories)

After strong winds broke our RV awning loose and destroyed it while driving in South Dakota, our new awning will have one of these clamps to hold it tight.

Awning LED Lights (Fits in the 1/4" utility slot, no need to remove before rolling up the awning, stays installed.)

Bathroom Scale (very compact, take it on cruises with an "all you can eat" buffet) (be welcomed by thousands of fellow RVers to park on their property) (read or write reviews about RV parks you plan to visit or have stayed at) (find RV parks and see videos and reviews submitted by other RVers)

Camping and Backpacking Guide (general camping and backpacking resources)


Camping World pricing can be fiction. No authorized Garmin dealer that we can find, including Garmin itself, has ever advertised this model GPS for anything higher than $399.99. (stores all over America with stuff you need) (many casinos offer free or low-cost overnight camping)

NEW LINK: Changing State Residency (RV enthusiasts who spend a considerable time away from their home state may want to see if another state would be a better place to call home.)

NEW LINK: Chevrolet Tracker Tow Vehicle (One of the best tow vehicles is the 1999 - 2004 Chevrolet Tracker. At 3,000 pounds, it is smaller and lighter than many other flat-tow vehicles, and is my favorite. Trackers in good condition can often be found on eBay.) (park free overnight and enjoy great food inside)

This Della icemaker is perfect for your RV. Just plug in, add water, and enjoy a batch of ice in as little as 6 minutes.

Della Icemaker (make ice cubes in just a few minutes)

Dish Satellite Finder (this Apple iPhone App makes it easy to find the three Dish Network satellites you need to enjoy good television reception in your RV. $10 at the Apple App Store)

Dog Gate (A dog/baby gate you don't have to climb over. Our dog likes to attack and destroy our pillows in the bedroom.)

Dog Mace (Personal protection pepper spray that is legal in all 50 states) (useful tips to help you enjoy the RV lifestyle)

These two 12 volt cooling fans clip to the fins in the back of your RV refrigerator.
Dometic Refrigerator Fan

(increase refrigerator cooling with this high quality fan) (a good provider of RV insurance)

Explorer RV travel tips (stocking your RV before your first trip )

NEW LINK: Fire Extinguisher Suppression System ( Half of all RV fires start behind the refrigerator. Very few RV's have this protection, but all should.) Want Proof? Click Here.

Florida State Parks (check out Florida State Parks and make online reservations)

Southeastern Florida State Parks (an interactive map) (an exhaustive directory of free or inexpensive places to stay) (a map based search engine to find free camping spots) (adventurous and affordable RV travel) (sort of a required thing if you are RVing, lots of benefits) (a must-have and affordable medical supplement for full-timers)

A must-have and affordable medical supplement for RVers, especially full-timers. (don't leave home without this towing coverage) (check your mail online with forwarding service) (check the recommended pressure for your rv tires) (solar power systems for your RV)

Liddle Griddle (Presto's Liddle Griddle is the perfect size for any RV) (stay free at farms, wineries, and orchards) (the historical marker database)

Ideaworks Long Distance WiFi Antenna (a solution for lousy RV park wifi signal) (you know what to expect with this quality chain of RV parks) (a handy mapping program to plan your trip)

La Crosse 3-Sensor Weather Station (Keep track of all your RV temperatures)

La Crosse Home Monitoring System (check the temp back home as you travel)

Liddle Griddle (Presto's Liddle Griddle is the perfect size for any RV) (learn how to be an RVer) (online magazine) (Book values and prices on recreational vehicles) (begin your journey to our national parks here) (learn about National Parks and travel to them) (even you'll believe this is an RV alarm system)

Showing everything that's awesome in America.

Only In Your State (showing everything that's awesome in America, helping you discover new and exciting things to do in your own backyard) (finding a place to spend the night) (50% discounts at hundreds of RV parks) (these "truck stops" welcome RVers to fuel up and spend the night) (the Pilot Flying J charge card with discounts on fuel, dump stations, and more) (thousands of RV parts and products at good prices with fast shipping)


U.S. citizens age 62 or older can get a National Park Senior Pass entitling them, and everyone in their vehicle into National Parks, Forests, and Corp of Engineers facilities for half price, including half-price camping. National Park Senior Pass Free admission and half-price camping at more than 2,000 federal government recreational sites, including national parks and corps of engineers campsites.


All of this for $80 for life. Under 62? Sorry, you'll have to pay $80 a year for a similar pass and full-price for camping. Since 1994, seniors have been able to buy a lifetime pass to national parks for just $10, while younger visitors pay $80 a year. The great deal is over, but the new $80 for life price is still a good deal.

UPDATE: Effective August 28, 2017, the price of the lifetime Senior Pass jumped to $80, but it is still a bargain, everyone else pays that for just one year.



Hint: Log in after midnight on this site to snag a cancellation in a booked-up national park or COE campground. (all U.S. government campgrounds, including national parks) (just U.S. Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds) (keep track of your National Park or Corps of Engineers reservations) (cancel reservations online or over the phone: 877-444-6777)


Smartphone Apps (useful smartphone outdoor applications for RVers)

Rand McNally Deluxe Road Atlas (practically indestructible with a lay-flat spiral-binding and laminated pages)

Renogy Portable Solar Panels (100 watts of solar power in an easy to use folding suitcase)
Renogy Solar Extension Cables (a 15' or 20' extension cable will get your Renogy solar panels out in the sun away from your shaded RV) (the easy way to book campgrounds and rv parks) (serving enthusiasts of the open road) (news from RV parks and the recreational vehicle industry)

RVillage (connect with other RVers wherever you are) (two full-time travelers tell you how to do it) (the good, the bad, and the ugly) (the straight dope on over 25,000 RV parks in North America)

NEW LINK: The Worlds largest selection of used RV parts is in Kentucky.Used RV Parts (The Worlds largest selection of used RV parts is at Visone RV in Kentucky)


Learn more by clicking open "Where RV's go to die". Of the 1,500 or so motorhomes in this salvage yard, half were totaled in accidents, many from front tire blow-outs. The other half of the wrecks appear to have been destroyed by fire, and of those, half were refrigerator fires. Yes, your refrigerator is waiting to get you, but there is something you can do to help prevent that.

Tito has lots of good ideas for you, including how to reuse an old smartphone as an RV surveillance camera.RV with Tito (Tito has lots of good ideas for you, including how to reuse an old smartphone as an RV surveillance camera) (where to dump those nasty holding tanks) (map and list of SaniStar dump station locations)

Satellite TV Demystified (the options, services and equipment to make an informed decision about RV satellite television)

Have you ever wonder how would you look if you were a yellow character like the ones you see on TV? Click here to find out.NEW LINK:


The Simpsons (Turn yourself into a Simpsons character for $12 bucks)

NEW LINK: Slippers (Slippers are much more comfortable than clunky shoes around the RV or cabin)

South Dakota State Park Reservations (Find and reserve campsites)

Suction Cup Buddy (Keep your RV suction cup devices from failing)

Sunguard Windshield Covers (blocks the sun, cools the interior, and adds privacy)

Surge-Guard Internal (See my internal surge guard with LCD display)

NEW LINK: TireMinder System (Monitor pressure and temperature on up to 22 wheels, I monitor 6 on motorhome and 4 on tow vehicle, alerts for temp buildup or pressure decreases to avoid tire failure. I traded-in our 4 year old $500 TM-66 for a new TM-77 for $225.)

ToadCharge (keep your tow vehicle battery charged) (online magazine) (how to score a hard-to-get campground at a national park)

TV for my RV (electronics, appliances, plumbing, and useful articles)

TV Towers USA (know where to point your antenna with this smartphone app)

I'm in this video, and didn't realize I was old until I saw it.

. Order business cards to handout to folks you meet in RV parks to direct them to your travel blog. Vistaprint has thousands of designs, so you might want to search for "camping", "travel", or "RV".

NEW LINK: Weather Radio (This Midland weather radio is approved by NOAA and I have mine plugged into an inverter 24/7 in the RV bedroom.)

The Mini Waffle Maker Machine for Individual Waffles, Paninis, Hash browns, & other on the go Breakfast, Lunch, or Snacks, and is the perfect size for your RV.

Waffle Maker (The Mini Waffle Maker Machine for Individual Waffles, Paninis, Hash browns, & other on the go Breakfast, Lunch, or Snacks, and is the perfect size for your RV.)

Wheel Simulators (quality and reasonably priced stainless steel RV wheel covers)

WiFi on Steroids (designed to boost free wifi at campgrounds, Walmart, and more)

WiFi Range Extender (This works well to boost the signal from our lake cabin to the motorhome parked outside.) (replacement parts for your Winegard television antenna)

NEW LINK: Wiring Taillights on your Tow Vehicle (See the various ways of doing this.)

XM-Sirius satellite receiver (a great replacement for your tired old AM/FM radio) (interesting locations)

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