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You're not allowed to take photos after sunset by this little guy...

Went to the Penguin Parade this evening. I got there about 8:00 & saw on the board that the penguins started coming in at 8:50 last night so I had plenty of time.

I’d spent a bit of extra money for a pass to the underground observatory area but found out you couldn’t see them coming up the beach from there so, on the advice of a very friendly young ranger, I sat in the general admission stand until I’d seen enough of the beach, then came back to the underground area.

That worked out very well. There were lots of people around (mostly Asian) but the stands were only half-full so obviously it was a relatively quiet day. I got a seat in the front row of the stand & got a good view of the little fellows organizing themselves in the waves then making the dash up the beach.

Then I went to the underground area where you’re at eye-level with the penguins as they make their way to their burrows but you’re behind glass & still can’t take photos so I was a bit disappointed.

I felt you got a better view from the boardwalk where you could see the incoming penguins being greeted by their chicks & being fed. Although they’re terribly cute, I found there’s just so long you can watch these little guys who are all identical so I didn’t stay around for very long. It was a lovely evening though & I’m glad I did it.

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