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Mmmmm ceviche!


A very windy but well driven 11 hours later and we could see the sea (I say we because Carole the really nice french girl came too!) we sleepily got off the bus and trekked the few metres up the road to our hostel only to be told they wouldn't let us check in till 2pm (and it was 8am 𯘞). So we stashed out stuff in lockers, changed into some clean clothes and went in hunt of breakfast and the beach! We found both and they were amazing - fruit salad minus papaya for once, woop woop and an idyllic beach that was practically empty. Some how we managed to spend a fair few hours just chilling one the beach - no idea where the time went!! We also bumped into a guy Carole had met in Mexico City, totally random! I managed to pull myself of my sun lounger and headed to the other bus station to get my ticket for tomorrow, really hoped there was a night bus to Taxco otherwise I'm a little bit stuck!! Phew managed to book at night bus for 6 pm tomorrow to Taxco, not direct as that doesn't exist but 12 hrs to Mexico City and 3 on to Taxco, can't wait!! However it will be my last night bus- can't believe time is going so fast!

We went in hunt of a good place to see the sunset but way underestimated how long it would take to get around the headland, so we totally missed the sunset but stumbled across a fishing contest that had just been judged and the locals were cutting up HUGE fish!! Totally random but fun to watch!

The second day in Puerto Escondido we decided to head to the main beach for breakfast and found some delicious pastries and iced coffee and a few surfers! There was a cool pipe on the beach and we sat and watched a few people catch some great waves, way too big for me so we headed to another beach along the coast where apparently the waves were smaller. Hmmmm smaller or non existent! But the beach was beautiful, I could feel a stressful day coming on! We enjoyed a great day, sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling - and I saw a rather large sea turtle, super happy with that!! All too quickly it was 4pm and I had to walk back to the hostel shower, change get my stuff and head to the bus station. Adious Puerto Escondido - so pleased I made the trip down here, had expected to surf but not disappointed as the beaches were beautiful! Was also so nice to be somewhere hot again - missing the sunshine!!

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