The best shot I could get of Mount Rainier..

We saw a lot of birds on the drive ...


Views on the drive..

Homes along the Hood Canal..


We had to dirve through some narrow bridges...

Last one, we are very happy to be here..

We are happy to report we are all set up in Sequim, Washington. It feels so good to be in one place for a while. Our drive today took us by beautiful homes on the Hood Canal and more. We saw flocks of geese along the way and got a quick glimpse of Mount Rainier.

We are also happy to report the temperature is in the 40’s. We have finally thawed out after several days below freezing. It was a beautiful drive except for the last part that had some narrow bridges and lots of curves. We took the closer route and should have taken the expressway route, but.... we made it. :-) We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas in Sequim, let the decorating and the fun begin. Check back later for more from Washington.

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