The desert covered with snow was outstanding..

It looked like we were on another planet.. :-)


We were very happy to see this sign.. :-)

A beautiful farm in the snow in Idaho..

Arriving at our campground in Idaho..

Yikes, they did have it plowed where we parked...

Our site, we didn't even put out the slide...

It was beautiful but we are ready for above freezing temps.. :-)

Last one!

We were up early this morning, ready to roll. The snow has finally stopped, the snowplows have cleared the road. We drove about 300 miles through what looked like another planet. It was so strange seeing this part of the Nevada desert totally covered with snow. It was a long day, we could not even send a text out, it would return to us and could not be delivered. There is absolutely no cell service in this area. We were thankful we didn’t have any problems, you would not even be able to make a call. We were so happy to arrive in Idaho. It too was covered with snow and still in the teens, we even had a few flakes of snow while driving. We would have loved to visit our friends in Boise, Jerry and Lindsay, but they were warm and happy in Hawaii. We are all set up for the night and will be on the road again in the morning to Oregon. We are hoping for above freezing temperatures in Oregon, we have been below freezing for days now. Check back later for more from Oregon.

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