2015 Trip to India travel blog


Wild boar

We have great tiger photos but they're on Brian's camera and my cell phone, so I can't post them here. I also have great video here on the iPad but the wifi is too sketchy to upload. If you are trying to reach me via phone it won't work, because WhatsApp is trying without success to reinstall itself, but keeps getting booted off, and Vodafone has taken over my roaming service off of Aircell, and won't allow calls or outgoing text messages. Such is the cyber scene, except for those who pay big bucks on plans and have access through roaming set up at home beforehand. Not us. We think Jud is okay because a weird message squeezed through on Brian's phone saying he was on wheel watch, and would phone us at 3, but of course it doesn't work.

I may have to remove some earlier photos because this entry won't allow any more, and we still have the Taj Mahal to show you.

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