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Suzhou Hotel Foyer

Riding The Segway

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden

Suzhou Garden

Having Fun With Some Korean Tourists

It really was a lovely hotel with the softest bath robes I've ever had. I even got to ride one of their two Segway machines around the spedtacular hotel foyer. A pity we only spent less than twelve hours their before hitting the road back to Shanghai. It is the only hotel I have seen with a tennis court & a putting green on the roof of their restaurant building.

Back on the coach again & off to visit one of Suzhous famous gardens on the way. Not sure which one we went to but it certainly was a lovely place to wander around, very typical of what one thinks a Chinese garden should be.

We got back to Shanghai just before lunch but with time to visit an embroidery museum & shop before going next door to the Cashmere factory that had a Mongolian BBQ restaurant attached. It was a bit chaotic in the restaurant as people crowded along either side of a central serving area putting what meat, vegetables & spices they wanted into a dish. They handed the dish in at the end of the room where three chefs cooked their meal on a giant flat plate set over a gas ring. Just a bit of stir frying really before being served back onto the bowl. Different but nice & a change from our usual fare & we did manage to avoid visiting the Cashmere store afterwards.

We finally managed to persuade our guides to take us to a real shopping mall one of the ones that sell cheap branded or counterfeit goods. The one they took us to was a large underground complex built around one of the subway stations. Hundreds of little shops scattered around a warren of narrow lanes. One area was all fabric & tailor shops with a dazzling array of suits & dresses while other areas were packed with bag shops, electronic shops etc. Great fun & some real bargains, I think.

Everyone on the coach seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves & came back with a variety of different purchases. I bought a case & a large capacity micro SD card for my phone plus a bag for Viv. She wouldn't let me buy a hoverboard or drone as we didn't have enough room in our cases. Spoilsport!

Time for dinner again so off to another big restaurant before our final treat of the trip, the Chinese Acrobatic show. A lovely theatre & a great show with jugglers, contortionists, balancing acts etc. The real WOW factor act though was the final act where it started with two motorcyclists riding round inside a metal cage sphere. They were joined by a second pair, then a third & fianally a fourth pair until all eight were roaring around at tremendous speed inside the sphere. Truly amazing & it brought all the audience to their feet to applaud, fabulous.

Have a look on this site on Youtube to see a similar act but in ours a total of eight riders went round inside the ball. ( )

Back to the hotel we stayed in two nights ago for our final night in China. Only on the 18th floor this time. Too late & too tired to do anything other than shower & bed. At least our morning call won't be till 7am.

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