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Jingzhou Museum

2,000 Year Old Man

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Jingzhou Wall

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After a morning on the boat we moored up Jingzhou, our final stop. Another misty but warm day. We left after lunch for a trip into Jingzhou to the museum. The most unusual, if somewhat grisly, exhibit is the well-preserved corpse of a local worthy who died more than 2,000 years ago. The body is displayed in one case with the innards and brain in another beside it. .Written records unearthed along with the body indicate the man was a high official who died in 167 BC. Because of the depth of the tomb and the fact that it was well sealed to keep out air and water, there’s remarkably little decay.

A visit to a part of the old city wall was next & it was certainly a bit more lively. On our return to the boat I got to see a bit more of the city centre when I went off with Raymond, our guide, & a couple of our group to find an ATM. Had to wander around a bit to find one that would accept our VISA cards.

In the evening onboard we had the Captains Dinner where we got to meet the captain & some of his officers. A bit of an anti-climax really as they all just stood there looking stone faced while the captain gave a brief address in Chinese, which was translated by one of the entertainment staff, and then they all turned & marched out. We had our food served at the table tonight for a change.

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