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Off Under The Bridge

Tourist Boat

Lesser Gorges

Lesser Gorges

Lesser Gorges

Dodgy Footpath

Lesser Gorges

Clifftop Coffin

Entering The Lock At The Great Dam

The scenery was more spectacular this morning as we approach the Three Gorges section of the river. However before then we stopped at Badong & transferred to a smaller boat for a morning cruise up the Shennong stream, a tributary of the Yangtze. Yet another lovely sunny day as we cruised up & back passing under a spectacular bridge. Even saw some ancient coffins set into holes way up on the cliff face.

Back on the boat for lunch & then the afternoon was spent quietly drifting through the Three Gorges section with high cliffs on both sides. After dinner tonight we were treated to the guests talent show. Not much real talent but it was fun.

Just before midnight we got to the Three Gorges Dam & entered the first of the five massive staircase locks which would take us down about 113 mtrs to the lower river. Each lock is huge & three other vessels came into the lock with us, one beside us & two others behind. It was weird as the water was pumped out & we sank lower & lower down inside the towering concrete walls of the lock. Finally we stopped going down & the giant gate in front of us slowly eased open & we sailed into the second lock ready to repeat the whole operation again.

As it would take about four hours in all I watched us through the first lock but went to bed then.

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