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Last sunsett in Canada

Saw this road sign.

Flowers on the side of the road


Harland County Lake, Republican City, Nebraska

The dam

crossing below the dam

The dam from below


Taken at the restraunt

Denny and Jamie when we went out for dinner.






These are all rodeo pictures. When we camped in Kaycee, WY the...

This rodeo is in Chris LeDoux's hometown.










Dinner at Sam & Ellas, Susan, Wes, Tonia and CD our chicken.


OK, I admit it, I have been a very bad boy. I have not updated this travel journal since July 10. Today is Nov 8, so that is 4 months with no entries. Just telling you what happened in the past 4 months is not possible so I will give you the version of what I remember.

We left Canada after tailgunning our Canadian Maritimes trip. We wanted to get to Montana as soon as possible so we could buy our boat and outfit the garage. Driving through Maine we had a blowout on a trailer tire that did damage to 2 tires and the side of the trailer. The fortunate part was that we were only 10 miles away from friends, (Ray and Cece) and they have connections for us to camp with them. So we went to their place, bought two new tires and we spent a few days with them and had a ball with them going to Shaines of Maine for ice cream and eating as some nice restaurants. We decided because of the damage that we would detour through Kansas to get our trailer fixed, that increased our drivng by about 800 miles. After getting the trailer repaired we made it to Montana, on the way we visited with Denny and Jamie in Nebraska.

In Montana we ordered the boat, we would have to wait another 9 weeks to get it. We outfitted the garage. We spent time in Billings with Jim and Jeanette. We did a lot of garage sales shopping for stuff for the garage. You name it we bought it. It included a refrigerator that only keeps the fridge at 31 degrees. It is great for beer but not so good for fruit and vegetables. The deep freeze we bought works great. We put in shelving to hold all the stuff. Just before we had to head South, we got the boat and took it out on the lake for 3 hours and broke in the engine. That was the only time we have had it on the lake. We didn't want to go out on the lake by ourselves and it was so late that nobody was using the lake, the marina had closed and the Rangers were not on the lake anymore. On the way South we stopped at Chanute again to get more repairs on the trailer (the awning quit working). We had stops in, Tahlequah, OK to visit with Wes and Tonia (and to eat at Sam & Ellas), McKinney, TX to vist Steve and Patti, then Ore City, TX to visit Dave and Shirely, then to Bastrop, TX to visit JV and Caroline, and now we are in Brenham, TX to visit a college pal and his wife, Al and Sharron Barreras. Last night we had dinner with them. Sharron fixed a great dinner with lemon chicken, loaded potatoes, fresh rolls, and Flam for dessert. It was great. Today is my first day in 4 months I had the time to update this journal with good wifi and not on my hot spot.

That was the quick version, we did a hole lot more of that but I cant' cover that much ground in one update. We also hardly took and pictures too. I am including what we did take.

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