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This is the Swamp Boat

Different looking motor, but this is the type needed

Carolyn and her Son Michael. They have been on this trip many...

This is the special prop for the motor. Costs is about $300

Carolyn had to wear a raincoat as we had a few drops...

This is the shoreline of the main water as we left the...

One of many canals we traveled today. Always looking out for Gators...

Quiet and peaceful back here

As we left the Canal this is the main swamp. Runs for...

Swamp Shoreline

Plenty of scenery, once you get away from the highways and towns

Cypress Tree with Spanish Moss. Trees and Moss get along just fine

Bald Eagles have been spotted in this clump of Cypress

It was a very cloudy day. Notice the water color changes from...

I think this was a Egret flying, but not sure. Lucky to...

The Swamp is great for Duck Hunting. A Hunters favorite place

We stopped the boat and just enjoyed the view

A short canal between two marshes

This is one of the prettiest scenes we saw. So quiet here

That is not land you can walk in. The solid ground is...

Notice the square near the top. That was made many years go...

It takes 2 lumberjacks and when the tree fell, they floated it...

Grass grows everywhere in the swamp

Water Fowl making his trek to somewhere

This is a cove just off the main water. Depth is just...

There would be Snakes in here. If you see them with their...

Absolutely Quiet Here

This is why you need a swamp boat and swamp motor

The water is not deep, but is very clear

I enjoyed looking at the shorelines. That is not solid walking land...

Flowers do grow in the Swamp

Squirrels Nests

The Holes held the boards that held the lumberjacks. Long before we...

Heading down another Swamp Canal. This takes us to another body of...

Nice Gator.

Getting a little closer to the Gator

Another Gator that got spook as we got close with the boat....

A Hunters Cabin on the Bayou

Another Hunters Cabin

Up Up and Away


Had to stop and rest

Got me by surprise, but the photo came out okay.

Hunters Cabin. I only saw the 3 that I took photos of

This is Michaels Cabin

This is a Closeup of the special prop and guide

Really enjoyed this trip. Thanks Michael

This is free range country. Cowbird keeping bugs off of the cattle

Plenty of Cowbirds and Cattle to go around

On the way back to Michaels we passed LSU Football Stadium

All Cleaned up for Dinner

Our Guide Michael and HIs Mother Carolyn

I have driven across the I-10 swamp bridge near Baton Rouge LA many times over the years. I have seen the swamp across the 18 mile bridge and always wondered what it would be like to get a closer experience with the swamp.

The official name of this bridge is the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge and is also known as the Louisiana Airborne Memorial Bridge and like any bridge, it provides a way to go from one point to another. Here this bridge carries you over the Atchafalaya Basin from Baton Rouge to Lafayette LA. depending on your direction of travel. Now you know the rest of the story,.

The Atchafalaya River Basin covers over a million square miles of southern Louisiana. The swamp is made up of coastal marsh, cypress swamps and bottom land hardwood forests.

In spring, water floods most of the basin, while in fall water levels leave areas dry. The shallow water and areas of vegetation roots present special challenges for boats navigating this swamp. Cypress trees have large woody roots or knees that project out of the water, making navigation difficult. So those, such as Michael, have a Flat Bottom Boat with motor that has a special drive shaft. I can attest it works great. Stable in the shallow, stumpy, moss laden water and goes about 20 mph when you get back to the main. All of this swamp area is actually called a Bayou, which means it has no current. And is called flat water to paddlers, and it means, quite simply, you will have to paddle the entire trip, or if you are lucky enough to have a swamp motor which propels you across the marshes, stumps and the river of green moss.

On this trip I had the opportunity to do just that. Carolyn’s Son lives in Baton Rouge LA, and is avid Hunter, Fisherman and Boater, and he invited us for a tour of the swamp I have been over but never on. The bridge was opened in 1973.

The photos will tell the whole story, but I do want to say, it was great being out, on the water, through the canals.and the Cypress Stumps. The boat was specially made for this type of water. The motor has a shaft that is protected from damage by the shallow water and the stumps. When the shaft hits a stump, for the very first time, you almost feel like it might be your last trip, but you just ride over it.

When you go through this swamp you will see a River of Grass, separated by Crystal Clear Water, and Cypress Stumps all by themselves and in other places there will be groves of this tree. There is also a lot of Spanish Moss on these Cypress, but unlike the Florida Cypress, these trees live in harmony with the moss, and survive just fine.

When the motor is off, all you can hear is the quiet, with maybe a hint of a very gentle wind or a call of a bird. Peaceful place.

Yes there are Snakes and Alligators that could end your day earlier than you planned, but there is also beauty in all the coves, canals, moss beds as well as watching the ducks and birds just fly over this isolated piece of Louisiana. On this trip we did see 4 Alligators and a variety of ducks and birds.

As with most folks I do not care so much for snakes. Here is a rule of thumb when galavanting around strange water areas where there might be snakes.

Their behavior can indicate poisonous or non-poisonous. But only poisonous snakes will swim with their entire bodies visible on the water. This is because venomous snakes swim with their lungs inflated, whereas a harmless water snake will swim with its body submerged. So if you see a snake swimming on top, STAY AWAY.

Hope you enjoy the tour of the Atchafalaya River Basin. If you make the tour yourself, remember much of the green you see is not on solid walkin land for us Humans.

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Have a great week and thanks for riding along on the Ohio Tidbit Trip. This ends the entry on Ohio Tidbits.

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