Passing by the Continental Divide...

Beautiful views on the drive..


The Arizona border...


Fake animals all over the!

Close view..

Driving through a dust storm and lots of strong winds..



Our site in Flagstaff after the snow...

Last one!

We had another long drive today, about 325 more miles. Not much to report except that once we stopped in Flagstaff, the snow started to fall. We had no idea it was expected, we got about five inches overnight. We had strong winds the whole drive from Gallup to Flagstaff, it really made it hard on Jerry. He had to go slow and hold on to the steering wheel harder than normal. The weather said the wind gusts were up to 56 miles per hour, we could feel it for sure. We are all set up in Flagstaff for a couple of days, waiting on the snow to finish and melt. I am adding a few pictures taken on the drive across parts of New Mexico and Arizona. We passed right by the Petrified Forest National Park we visited so much last year, it brought back a lot of great memories. We also saw some interesting things at the Arizona line, we stopped for lunch at the rest area, they have fake animals all over the high hills in the area, really cool. I tried to get pictures but I was quite a ways from them. I am adding the best ones, plus some pictures of our RV in the snow. Check back later for one more travel day as we make our way to Las Vegas, hopefully on Thursday.

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