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This morning while getting ready to face the day, my hair dryer gave up the ghost. It had been making some metallic noises for several days, so I suspected that it wouldn’t last much longer. It made one final, loud noise and sparked, so I knew it was time to get a new one.

I had a dental appointment scheduled at 10:30 so I knew I couldn’t participate in my Silver Sneakers class. I went to the gym early, though, to walk on the treadmill for two miles so I’d get at least that much exercise.

Then I headed to my dentist’s office, which is very close to the gym. When I arrived, the receptionist informed me that I wasn’t on their schedule for today but that it was set for tomorrow. Aarrgghh! I don’t know whether I made the mistake by writing it on the wrong date of my calendar or whether she had entered into their system on the wrong date. In any case, I’ll have to go back tomorrow.

Because of this mix-up, I had some extra time before my appointment with my chiropractor, so I went to Walmart to get a new hair dryer and some other things. When I came out of Walmart, I saw a familiar Lazy Daze flower-decorated motorhome in their parking lot. Of course, it was none other than Carolyn Nottleson. We made plans to meet at Luby’s for lunch after my appointment. She will head west tomorrow morning.

My chiropractor tested my muscles to determine the possible causes for my muscle cramps. He recommended taking magnesium lactate capsules twice a day and applying magnesium gel to my legs at bedtime. I certainly hope this treatment will work. Those “charley horses” have been kicking me out of bed every night, sometimes several times.

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