We like to stay here in Tonopah, the restaurant is good

NOTE: with this entry we have passed the 9,000 mark for pictures, it's been 9 years on the road. Thank you to

all the people who have made our travel journal a success.

We departed Mound House about 9 a.m. with Rebecca following the coach. To communicate we use the walkie talkie set we have to park us. Walkie talkie sets can save dents, time, frustration and marriages!

The entire drive from Mound House to Brenda is 720 miles, we intend to take 3 days to do it.

Thank you to Terry, Jeff, Ginny, Dave and Steve for checking up on us recently. Since there hasn't been an update for weeks, they sent notes asking us if we were alright. Of course we were OK, just very, very busy!

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