Sri Lanka, Southern India and Malaysia October 2015 travel blog


Flower market

Bobbly cucumbers?

More of iceman

That is the milk for my coffee

Royal Enfield motorbike

Superman at "the butterball"" as it is called

Getting close and personal. Excuse meeeee!

Granite Pallavan rock carving

Check out this embroidery- with 4cm at least, semiprecious stones

Nice elephant

Granite carvings from 7 or 8th century

Nice hairdo

. Reclaimed land from a swamp

Heading back to Chennai airport

Finally in KL - looking from our room at Petronus Towers

Our late checkout from hotel Perumal, allowed us time to visit the Grand Bazaar just a few streets near to our hotel.

This was a smorgasbord for the eyes. The flower market was beautiful. It was here and in the Botanical gardens that The Life of Pi was filmed.

Pondicherry is a most worthwhile city to visit. It is quite unique.

An hour and a half travel north along the coast road, we pass massive salt works and scampi farms.

We arrive at Radisson Blu hotel. Security is stepped up. The mirror check for under our car, the metal detection of suitcases and plenty of security personnel.

This massive hotel is built in two blocks. Our tired room is in a beautiful location with a close view of the Bay of Bengal. We can hear the surf. The walk to the breakfast area is 500 metres away, and they claim they have the biggest swimming pool in SE Asia. For those not so energetic, large golf carts ferry people to where ever.

It has been very interesting to hear so many stories about the tsunami. The word tsunami was not understood by many people.

When the people saw the sea receding, exposing many fish flapping on the sea bed, they rushed to collect them. Little did they know that a mammoth wall of seawater was about to engulf them.

The extent of this 2004 tsunami affected such a huge part of the Indian east coast as well as many other countries.

We go on our last organised guided tour of India. There are a group of monuments founded by the Pallava Kings from 7 and 8 th century . These monuments are carved from granite that is found on the Corommandel coast.

These comprise of rathas ( temples in the form of chariots), and mandapas ( cave sanctuaries).

The famous shore temple is one of the oldest in southern India, and has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

We visit a lighthouse built in 1900s.

Also see a granite marvel called The Butter Ball.

Tomorrow we fly to Malaysia.

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