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Our plan was to leave Buckhorn RV Resort at 8:00 AM and that would have been perfect if I had hooked up the car the night before we left instead of waiting until this morning.

It took about 15 minutes to get the car hooked up and complete my checklist, and then it was time to exchange "So Long" hugs with our friends.

Eddie & Jan were the first to walk over to our site, and Eddie gave me a hand hooking up the car.

Mike & Sandy even opened the door of their motorhome and appeared early in the morning, looking somewhat shocked to be outdoors at, what they considered, and ungodly hour.

These are all good friends and we hated to leave them, but our winter home and friends waiting there, urged us to get on the road again.

The drive was easy, pretty much stress free, and it took us about 6 and 1/2 hours from Buckhorn Lake Resort in Kerrville to Retama Village in Mission, Texas.

We stayed in touch with friends, Mike & Marian as we traveled, and they were waiting for us when we drove in at Retama.

They had warned us that another RV was parked in our Site, which surprised us, but they had located the owner and they were on the way to move it.

By the time we had exchanged welcome hugs with our friends, the RV had been moved and we were free to park and get things all set up.

The temperature was a toasty 90 degrees but a nice breeze made things feel comfortable, although the humidity was more than we were accustomed to since we left here last spring.

By 3:30 we had completed the basics for our set up, and had turned on the water heater to heat up the water for our showers. We sat for a few minutes to allow the A/C to cool off our sweat soaked bodies, then headed for the shower.

Feeling refreshed and with clean clothing on, we drove over to Mike & Marian's house where we exchanged more hugs with our friends, including Chuck & Coletta who had arrived shortly before we did.

We all sat outdoors, enjoying the company of our friends and the awesome evening weather.

After a refreshing cold drink and easy conversation, we were ready to head off for our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Palenque Grill, in McAllen.

We shared a great meal at this fine restaurant, and left completely satisfied and content.

Marilyn & I said goodnight to our friends and headed off to a good night of sleep.

We are so happy to be "Home" after 12 days on the road.

More friends will arrive tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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