We saw a lot of cotton fields on the way today..

One more..

Arriving in Texas...

The Big Texan sign..

Our huge site in Texas.. :-)

Last one!

We had another long travel day, about 300 miles before stopping in Amarillo, Texas. We stayed in this area before and enjoyed steaks at the Big Texas Steak Ranch. They serve a huge 72 ounce steak with all the sides, if you can eat all of it, you get the meal for free. If you can’t eat it all, you pay about $60. Yikes! We watched a guy try to finish one off last time we were here, he looked sick and had to take the rest home. I can’t imagine even thinking about eating one that large. :-)

We are hoping to get out and about and have some fun, but we are both under the weather. Jerry came down with the flu before we left Branson, he took a couple of days rest and got rid of most of it, but now I have it too. We will take a few days and rest. Our campsite is a huge pull through and the Wi-Fi is working great. If we can just get well, we will be happy campers. I am adding a few pictures taken on the drive and hope you enjoy.

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