Hay rides ...

Pumpkins being decorated..

We all enjoyed the chili and hot dogs..

Debbie and Gary ..

The chili was a hit...

Jerry singing karaoke..



Trick or treat..

I loved the way they all lined up.. :-)

Last one!

We will be on the road again tomorrow with many stops along the way, heading to Washington State. We had a wonderful month here in Branson. I have been very lazy about doing updates, we were in the resting mode after six months in Europe. We won’t have Wi-Fi at all the stops, I will update as soon as I can catch up.

I am adding a few pictures from Halloween Month in Branson. The campground went all out for Halloween, every Saturday they had special Halloween things going on plus trick or treat each Saturday night at 6 to 7. I loved the way they do it here, all the kids line up and come to trick or treat at one time. We were done in about 10 minutes and enjoyed seeing all the cute costumes. They also had a magic pumpkin garden where they plant seeds and when they go back full grown pumpkins are there. The kids get to decorate them with stick on designs.

They have hay rides each Friday and Saturday and motorhome decorating contest for Halloween and much more. We didn’t participate in the motorhome decorations because we were preparing to leave. We did cook chili for the chili cook off, afterwards we all had hot dogs and chili and Jerry sang at the karaoke party. It was a fun month, what a great place for children to enjoy the holiday and stay safe too. I was wishing I had my youngest grandson here to enjoy all the fun. I will be updating as soon as I can, check back later for more as we make our way to Washington.

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