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Shelf building

Shelf team

MASSIVE lorry arrives..eeek!

Our very helpful marines

Almost tidy

End of a long day!

This week was finally equipment delivery week!! Whoop woop!! Laura has had a container in Monterray waiting to come to us for ages and now it's time and we weren't ready!!

The week started as normal with the projects and clinics; on Tuesday's clinic we worked on a chair for Mateo and also had a new patient assessment - Lupita - a 32 lady who lives with her mum and has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. They have managed until now with a very rusty rickety wheelchair and had head about us and wanted to see if we could help and provide anything something more supportive. We completed our assessment and trialled Lupita in one of our modular seats. She was very difficult to position and was very excited which didn't help her spasticity!! But eventually we got there, she needs bilateral lateral supports and a good 4 point lap strap - we explained how much one of these chairs would cost new (way out of the families budget) but suggested we wait and see what equipment we get from the new delivery and see if there was a chair or any parts to make a chair that would be good for Lupita. Lupita's mother was really pleased and grateful as she was really struggling looking after her on her own with the current wheelchair.

Another great session at Catrin's Penguins swimming group on Thursday - more people seem to have got the message about where our new location is which made for a fun filled pool!!

On Thursday we were supposed to have a home visit for a new assessment for a family who had no way of getting to us but we got news that the patient was in the hospital so that gave us time for a TU staff meeting (minus Laura 𯘕!) there is so much on my to do list! We also managed to sort a few chair repairs and get started on some chairs on our ever growing list!!

Friday was shelf building day (standard leave it to the last minute because we are in Mexico situation!) and not just any shelves these are huge and we only got half of them done because the shop ran out of wood - it was a long hard day but next was delivery day and that was even longer and harder!! Saturday started with a wIting game as we had no idea when they were arriving, the lorry drivers were supposed to message us when they left Guadalajara (5 hrs away) but Oscar (our wheelchair engineer) got a text saying they were an hour away (again typically Mexican!) so I raced to the bodega and 20 minutes after the text they arrived! I was the only person there and the lorry was huge!! I tried to suggest they park in a space outside the bodega but they seemed to either not understand me or prefer to park in the middle of the road! Our two wheelchair engineers arrived a few minutes later to explain because of the last minute notice the people from the rotary who were going to help were unable to and Edwin was still at work an hour away! Ahhhhh!

Next thing I know is Usciel is racing down the street in his wheelchair chasing a local army truck and manages to persuade them to help us unload the truck!! They turned up with 20 young marines and some armed officers - it was hilarious!! For the next hour I was in the bodega directing 20 young marines where to put everything and there was solo much and so little space and they were going so fast! They were very anti me lifting anything - obviously they did not know who I was!! Then

But eventually the HUGE lorry was empty and Edwin turned up to see the army, police and marines outside the Bodega- he thought something had gone disastrously wrong! His face was a picture! A quick sweaty picture with the marines and they were off. Then it was hours of sorting and working out what we had from Monterray!

I was shattered but we made a good start!

On Sunday I went to Sayulita - a really awesome surfing town and hour north of PV. It was a really good day - apart from my surfing skills they were shocking!! I hired a board for the morning but I reckon I wiped out about a hundred times - definitely rusty but great fun! After a burrito on the beach I went for a wander about town. It was beautiful, so many colours - and lots of shops, I may need to come back here and do a bit of shopping when I'm a little less sweaty!!

In the afternoon I chilled on the beach and may have had a cheeky massage to make up for all the heavy lifting over the last few days - it was amazing, fairly sure I fell asleep!!

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