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Week two back at work - things continue to be busy! Monday I spent the day at both the children's centres I work at, it's great being back and seeing the Nannys trying to put in place my advice on postural management. Tuesday's clinic was mad - as Nadia the Physio was off sick so that meant one physio session and one new assessment on my own with my very poor Spanish!! Luckily Edwin (Laura's fiancé) came to the rescue and came for an hour before he had to go to work! I had my last session with Mateo - which was great, his mother had been working really hard on the Physio programme. He can now sit independently, he is tolerating some tummy time and he can lift his head up and prop on his fore arms and lastly he is sitting really well in our giraffe seat and is trying really hard to use both hands - but he still prefers the easy option (just using his stronger side) - but who wouldn't!! Now we just have to wait for his chair to be finished! (So I get to see his cheeky smile again!)The new assessment was a lovely young boy called Kevin, who was 9 years old and was previously completely fit and well until he went into hospital for a hernia operation and had a cardiac arrest. He was left unable to walk, talk or follow commands due to hypoxic brain injury. His family were so worried about him and wanted advice in what to do.... On assessment it became apparent that he had normal tone throughout his arms and legs and he was able to follow commands if he was given the time to process and the commands were simple. I advised his parents on exercises and gave them some tips on how to communicate better with him and explained that he was having problems processing the information, so he needed time to allow him to understand and to communicate a reply. I advised they come back in two weeks so we could keep up do date on how's he was getting on and update his exercises as necessary.

On Wednesday I had a great morning at Plasitos children's centre then I headed to the sports ground and met the young disabled athletes that Usciel (our wheelchair engineer) trains with. They children were lovely and so fun and let me train with them! They were all training really hard as they have a big competition next week just outside Mexico City, they train every day mon - fri 5-9 pm!! Pretty intense for a group of 7 plus year olds!! But they all loved it and were so excited for the upcoming competition! Erica the coach invited me to come to the competition too but unfortunately it would be tues- sat next week and I already have two busy clinics and the equipment delivery over those days!

This weekend I spent Saturday with a lovely Mexican family who taught me how to make tomales, lots of different salsa, tortillas, quesadillas and lots of other scrumpy things! I was able to do this because my sister had bought me a Mexican cookery course with 'Cookin Vallarta' it was a great day and I hope to be able to make some of these yummy things for you guys when I get back! Maybe with a pinch less chilli!! On Sunday I went with Lauren (a volunteer that has recently come out from the UK to help in the children's centres) we went to watch some of the beach volleyball finals but it was solo busy and hot we diverted our trip to the beach!!

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