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Grand Canyon

More Grand Canyon

Visitors get right up to the edge of the canyon

Green expanse is called Indian Garden

Bright Angel Trail goes through Indian Garden

Amazing vistas

Part of the Bright Angel Trail carved into the cliff

Trail has lots of switchbacks on the way to the bottom



Elk just gazing into the canyon like the rest of us

Explorer Coronado in 1540 thought the Colorado River so far below was...

Colorado River


More scenery


Mother Nature's finest work

Such beauty

The clouds cast interesting shadows

Rugged canyons

Proof Jim was at Grand Canyon

The rim trail we hiked

View from the rim trail

Jim's first tarantula in the wild


Lots of color

Cute little deer

The clouds were fascinating

The light near sunset heightened the colors

The sun is going down

Grand Canyon, AZ The Grand Canyon is an incredible steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River. It is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and over a mile deep. Visitors come to either the South Rim or the North Rim – 10 miles apart as the California condor flies but 220 miles apart by car. We are on the South Rim as the North Rim is closed for the season already. Since the canyon is so gigantic we are seeing only a very, very small portion of it and it is still very, very impressive. Naturally the grandeur of the canyon cannot be conveyed through pictures but we gave it our best. Jim was pretty excited because we spotted elk and deer when we hiked along the rim trail but the most exciting spotting was his very first tarantula in the wild. Fall in the desert is the time of year when male tarantulas go on a “march” to seek out females. Who knew? Since there are so many visitors to the Grand Canyon and the canyon is so steep, there have been deaths, some of which are rather interesting. One man climbed over the rock guard wall to take a photo of the rim from the very edge. While holding a camera to his face, he backed toward the Canyon and fell 333’. With those selfie sticks, such things may become commonplace. A California man committed suicide as he gunned his car over the rim. One of the most unusual was being scared to death by a rattlesnake. In 1933,a 43-year-old man was hiking. He was terrified of snakes. A rattlesnake coiled up and rattled at him and made a partial strike, a feint. The man leaped backward and died of heart failure, confirmed by a physician. In 1992, 38-year-old Greg Gingrich leaped atop the guard wall and wind-milled his arms, playing-acting losing his balance to scare his teenage daughter, then he comically "fell" off the wall on the canyon side onto a short slope where he assumed he could land safely. As his daughter walked on, trying not to fuel her father's dangerous antics by paying attention to them, Gingrich missed his footing and fell silently about 400'into the void. It took rangers quite a while to locate his body. Idiot!

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