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Marilyn & I slept in this morning and noticed later that the day seemed to be going by really fast.

I called Wheels RV and Mark said the water heater should be in this afternoon, so we should be there tomorrow morning by 9:00.

Marilyn & I took our “Sink Baths” in cold water. (Remember we have no water heater)

We went out to fuel the truck and did a few chores around the RV.

I then received a phone call from Mark at Wheels RV, informing me that the new water heater had indeed arrived, but it came in crushed, and they have to get another one.

Our repair is now scheduled for next Friday. Sigh…..

The day was not a total loss because our friends, Bob & Janet, Jesse & Ginger, and Steve & Cathy, arrived and set up in spaces around us.

Once our friends had their RV’s all set up, we gathered in the shade and enjoyed an impromptu “Happy Hour”.

After some time spent in conversation and laughter, I rode with Bob in his new truck, as our friends all took their trucks to fuel up for tomorrow.

As soon as we returned, it was time for dinner, so we followed Bob & Janet, to a place called the “Red Onion”, which turned out to be an excellent choice with great tasting food.

Steve & Cathy rode with us as Jesse & Ginger rode with Bob & Janet.

We were all back at the resort by 7:15 and settled in for the night.

Marilyn & I were quick to put on our PJ’s and sit in front of the TV watching Dancing With The Stars.

We’ll hate to see our friends leave tomorrow morning, but know we’ll soon gather again, in the Rio Grande Valley.

Life is Good!

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