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We were up early, in fact by 5:00 AM. The outdoor temperature was only 34 degrees, with a light breeze making it feel even colder.

We had to drive to a town nearly one hour away, to watch Colby’s team (Palmyra) play their final game of the season. It was exciting when I first noticed the metal bleachers available, where we could sit to watch the game. I felt as if I was sitting in an ice bucket, in a freezer. That was fun!

Colby’s team began on defense and took over on downs. On their first play from scrimmage, they took the ball all the way to the end zone and led, 6-0.

The score remained the same into the third quarter, when Bowling Green finally scored on a fourth and goal, from the one yard line.

With only 18 seconds remaining in the game, Colby’s team took over on downs and scored with only four seconds remaining in the game.

They kicked off to the other team, and they immediately called a time out. Surprisingly, no time ran off the clock and it remained at 4 seconds.

When they ran a play and were tackled behind the line of scrimmage, we all thought the game was over, but the officials reset the clock to 4 seconds and gave the home team one more play.

Colby tackled the ball carrier, keeping him inbounds, and causing him to fumble. This time there was no doubt and Palmyra won the game by a score of 12 – 6. It was a really good game.

We drove home with the heater running full blast, making one stop for groceries.

Jennifer and the grandkids arrived to spend the day with us, so we finished up a few chores, fed and watered the grandkids, and then watched some football on TV. We did take a walk and I took all of us to see Jim Waddell, who is a fine Mark Twain impersonator. His show was quite good as he related many of Mark Twains stories.

Steve, our son-in-law, had worked all day so Marilyn & I took the whole family out for dinner once Steve was finished with his work.

The restaurant was extremely crowded but we were soon ready to head for home and some relaxation. Of course there were lots of hugs and “I love you’s” exchanged before we drove away from the restaurant.

I felt very tired and went to bed early. That was the way our day went today.

Life is Good!

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