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Saturday Oct 17th.

Awake at 5.30…the sun comes up earlier out here…in case anyone didn’t know. Usual stuff weetbix and all bran. Too windy to fire up the gas to make toast…someone parked the C/T facing the wrong way didn’t they. No probs, I just took one of our portable gas cookers inside and made my toast on the table inside….almost civilised. I then took a wander over to one of the biggest ensuites I’ve ever used….about a million acres at a rough guess. Sat there and watched the trucks whizzing by as I contemplated my navel.

A quick pack up, we’re pretty good at this caper now and we pulled out at 7.50……amazingly the same time as the day before.

I’m pretty happy with my little 300 watt inverter….keeps the laptop charged as we drive. Probably had it about 6 years and last used in 2009. The things you need to keep connected. The phone works well as a modem except for some reason the cable jiggles a bit sometimes and we lose internet connection.

Heading east into a stiff wind….this can’t be good. I thought we would make it to Madura for fuel but decided to err on the side of caution and fuel up in Cocklebiddy where we had a nice capo. I walked into the café there and asked the bloke what are the chances of getting a soy milk cappuccino…he said “not in a million years”. So it was a normal one but very good. Had a chat with another coffee drinking couple on the Cocklebiddy roadhouse verandah….his van was huge and into the wind his Landcruiser would not pull the van in 5th gear. Love to watch HIS fuel gauge.

Back on the road, wind still strong, so cut the speed down a tad….time is not a problem…plenty of it. Passed through Madura and eventually arrived Mundrabilla for a lunch stop. Nice roadhouse/pub. Just a pie for me and vege spring rolls for Terri. This area still has the water shortage problem….all sorts of warnings in the toilet blocks , on outside walls. “Please conserve our water…we don’t have much” Showers at Cocklebiddy were $4. If only someone had listened to Ernie Bridge

We had planned to carry on over the border to a free campsite north of the highway and 90kms into South Australia but time has crept up on us (actually 2 ½ hours of it) so we decided to stay at the Eucla caravan park. Pulled in here about 2pm but another 12kms up the road it’s 4.30pm. Pretty nice park, even if they don’t water the grass (because there is no grass) and we have a million dollar view of the southern ocean at our doorstep. Really we got here just in time because there’s quite a few vans pulling in here now.

I’ve just had a nice shower which only cost a $1, Terri has gone for a wander to see if she if she can buy a bottle of red…..gone through 2 already. Almost time to start cooking dinner…...something exotic like chicken pasta and surprise peas….I’ve got it all in the pantry.

Well…..that plan didn’t work…Terri came back from the pub with her bottle of red and said the menu in the pub looked really good. So, over to the pub for some grilled King George Whiting….why wouldn’t ya? What was surprising was there’s about 10 cars at the motel and probably 20 vans here in the park and we’re the only ones in the pub. Amazin’

Signing off for the night…..I’ll add a couple of pics of our view from the C/T

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