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Friday 16th October

John woke both of us ladies at 9am – we were still out to it. He was hungry and breakfast stops at 10am. Quickly showered and dressed. John went ahead of us to the 42nd floor for brekkie in the executive lounge we are entitled to. Maureen and I couldn’t remember which floor it was because we were so comatose in the early hours when we checked in. Maureen rang reception, gave them our room number and they advised us to go to the 3rd floor restaurant which we did.

Finally got a message from John asking where we were. We had a wonderful sumptuous breakfast while he was dining upstairs. Then they presented us with a bill for Qr135 each from brekkie. We spoke with the waitress who said it was OK but we thought we would double check with reception about what and where our executive suite allowed us to eat etc. Turns out they were charging us for breakfast so a little discussion took place and it was going to be sorted out.

Our Marriott hotel is attached to a huge shopping centre which houses my favourite Debenhams department store so we wandered around the corridors and found our way into the shopping centre around midday. It isMuslim holy day and also nfortunately there are new shopping hours laws here and the majority of the stores still closed with their shutters down and would reopen at 12.35. However my Debenhams wasn’t going to open until 3pm along with most of the bigger stores. Carrefour supermarket opened at 12.30 so we walked through there for a while before heading back to the hotel for a break.

Just after 3pm Maureen and I went back down and headed to a couple of stores before making a beeline for Debenhams. I found myself 3 new tops and a couple of pairs of pyjamas in a short sweep around the store. Will most likely return tomorrow for a more thorough look around.

Back to the hotel just after 5pm and up to the Exec lounge again for a small snack and drinkies. We ended up staying there until 7.30 after eating some of the small bits and pieces on offer there. We are all exhausted now that we have slowed down. Up to bed, tried to find something to watch on TV to no avail so it was off to sleep for all of us around 9pm

Goodnight all.

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