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The king sea lion

Just like Hastings marina!

Finally some penguins!

Desert meets sea

Diana by the sea

After weeks of high altitude, the prospect of unwinding at sea level seemed very attractive... That was until we laid eyes on the Peruvian coast!

It seems 90% of Peru's coastline is desert, a strange climatic result of cold ocean currents, wind and the fact that all the bloody ice from the Andes decided to melt towards the Amazon basin in the east! Add to this the fact that for most of the year the whole coastline is shrouded in a thick cold 'guara' or fog, and our seaside getaway was looking less and less appealing.

We took to the water in a speedboat instead, visiting the magnificent Ballestas Islands, often called the poor man's Galapagos. Thousands of sealions and seabirds including one rare penguin species, many boobies, and a whole lot of guano. Very impressive.

So, dissatisfied with the most uninhabitable bit of coast we've ever laid eyes on, we vowed to head northward until we find palm trees and a decent mojito. We might make a few pitstops along the way... We'll keep you posted.

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