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Driving through the Arizona desert

Charlotte and a cactus at the RV Park in Tonopah, AZ

Wayne asked me to write the log for the next few days, so here goes……

Sometimes when we travel in our RV the days are so exciting, filled with new things to see and experience…like yesterday. Other times, like today, it’s get up, get the RV ready to roll and drive all day. Luckily I was able to sit in the recliner and get a lot of work done for the magazine I’m writing for….funny to sit there watching the desert scenes go by while doing copy editing on my laptop. But we got to Tonopah, Arizona, where Wayne had earlier found an RV park. It was really in the middle of nowhere. Miles and miles of cacti and bushes with rocky mountains of all sizes and odd shapes in the background. It was interesting to note that as we changed altitude, so did the kinds of cacti. As we drove, I tried to take photos out the RV window, but the photos just don’t do the magnitude of the view justice.

To add to the feeling of emptiness, Tonopah consisted of a gas station, a tiny rundown place to get food, and the RV park. But it was an interesting park as you can see in the photo of me standing beside this enormous cactus. The park had planted all kinds of different cacti and many palm trees. So we took a shortish walk around the park….good to get out of the recliner, and Wayne watched his Dodgers win on the TV.

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