2015/16. ADVENTURE BEFORE DEMENTIA - End August 2015 - travel blog

Just arrived Friday afternoon. Happy and relaxed Blue! Neighbours pitch you can...

Patrolling our pitch, wondering where his car is! He loves to be...

Roy patiently working on the stuck door locks

My new carpet, all muddy and yucky.

Weather caused havoc and general untidiness, may last for days!

At least the car is out and usable, fortunately there's no rush...

Friday 16th Oct.

Feels like we're home again. It is sooooo good to be back. Other people it may not suit, but for us it's ideal.

We have major problem tho, garage door is jammed fast, can't get Smartie out or get into garage to get anything out. It stuck the other day on site when it rained heavily and unexpectedly, and we had left the door open. The rain must have affected the lock and for the past 2 days Roy's been trying to get it sorted. Today he bought a crow bar as a last resort.

We arrived at Bellavista an hour ago, again made very welcome, and since then Roy's been trying again. At the moment he's crawled in thru the tiny locker door to see if he can get somehow, down the side of the car to the lock on the inside. I think it's impossible without getting wedged in between the car and the garage wall but he's thinner than me! Meanwhile I've levelled the pitch as best I can, so the gravel doesn't make the awning carpet lumpy and uncomfy to walk on. Can't do more now, so getting lunch whilst keeping fingers x'd Roy can do it without hurting himself.

He couldn't do it, there isn't a spare inch in there. So time for the crow bar treatment.

I took Blue for a swim & walk on the beach when I came back Roy had just managed to get one side freed, then the other without too much damage, but the car had come off the tracks inside so we couldn't get it out. He emptied the boot then climbed thru the back so he could get in the driver's seat, then I pressed the winch button to give the car lots slack while he maneuvered the steering to get the wheels in line again and back on the tracks, took a lot of doing! Then it came out ok. Damage was a scratch on the car and a broken broom, 2 broken locks and handle plus some paintwork.

The road between Tarifa and Algeciras was horrendous, a major route to the Algarve and south west Spain, dual carriageway in most parts, yet at 30mph we were bouncing for miles, at one point I was thrown up out of my seat, hit my head on the bed,(luckily all the ceilings and walls are insulated with this fantastic fluffy surface so didn't hurt me, just frightened me) Blue was terrified, all the stuff on the back bedroom shelf was thrown forward onto the floor, so we think the car was literally bounced off it's track. We were doing less than 30mph, - it's a 70 mph limit - but there are warning signs that the road is uneven (lol) with advice of 35mph..

Anyway, all ok. Roy now has another project to keep him busy during winter, I'll get a new broom for outside, as the car crushed ours, & Blue is happy now he has his car boot to sit in again. Tomorrow we'll get the awning and fence up and I think we'll be celebrating come the evening, too tired to celebrate tonight!

Sat 17th

Went to garage laundrette in Sabinillas, did a massive wash of bedding, and small load clothes. Got back, down came rain, all day and all night, thunder, lightning and torrential rain. Roy had got awning half up so had to finish it, and getting the drying done was impossible. Sunday still drizzly, humid, but although the atmosphere was so damp, at least it didn't rain again.

My new awning grass carpet is covered in mud and leafy bits and other things. It's 4pm now, hung up washing in awning again to dry, but everywhere is a mess and there's nothing we can do till it all dries out, so we're chilling and hoping tomorrow is sunny and dry so we can get the awning sorted, wardrobe put together and kitchen area arranged.

And we have a nutty neighbour; you may think that's unkind, but believe me, Karen had warned us and after a two minute conversation with "Hazel" I knew Karen was serious. We will be avoiding this lady at all costs. If I tell you she wanders around the site, heavily made up, dressed in a long pink caftan, with her overweight poodle reluctantly being dragged along, wheeling a shopping trolley, which looks empty, old and battered.... Talking to anyone within earshot... We think she's on her own, and at a guess in her late 70's, on a pitch 3 rows behind us, you'll see it in the pics. But she has 3 adult children with families, who all live in this area, so she's not short of relatives. In the past I've befriended a few elderly neighbours, and been glad to help, made some good friends, but this time I'm keeping well out of reach.

Needless to say we didn't get any of our planned work done. So there's lots to be done re awning and fence over Monday/Tuesday but not if it's wet still, so hoping for some dry weather. And if the washing's not dry by morning, we'll be going to the garage laundrette to use the dryers first thing.

5pm. Raining hard again. Bother.

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