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Pont du Gard Aqueduct

The first of many historical sites on my trip was the Pont du Gard, located in the South of France. It is a monument of Roman architecture that served to carry water from the city of Uzes to Nimes. Nimes was a growing settlement at the time, but the closest sufficient source of water was over 50 kilometers away (4). This obviously posed a problem, so the Romans devised a genius plan to build an aqueduct, an artificial channel for conveying water, that would cross River Gardon and only descend 17 kilometers over the span of the 50 kilometer course to Nimes (4). Aqueducts have been used for water transport since the Minoan Civilization circa 2000 BCE on the island of Crete (3). Before seeing the aqueduct myself, I had always been amazed by the architecture demonstrated in the pictures I had seen. But once I was standing on the bridge part of the structure, looking up and down the flowing river, I realized that those pictures did not do it justice. If you visit in the summer, I would suggest bringing a bathing suit or clothes you don't mind getting wet because you can swim in the river. If you're on the adventurous/daredevil side, there are also larger rocks that line the river where many people tend to go rock jumping. Make sure it is a safe area with no rocks below before you jump obviously, but trust me from personal experience, there are definitely places that are safe enough to jump off of and I am going to leave it at that. So whether or not you are attracted to the picture I have provided from my visit, I suggest you make this a top priority on the list of places to visit because the magnificence of it will absolutely take your breath away.

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