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We are resting in our lovely hotel room with a separate bathtub, shower, toilet with a seat and toilet paper and even soap.

Bill has left a 4 AM call, to catch our 7 AM flight to first Zurich, then Milan IT, the 9 hours later we land in Toronto where 2 grandchildren are anxious to play with Grandma and Grandpa.

The last couple of days were spent packing, cleaning, washing sheets, and the RV, it was worse than selling a house because we had so little room to move about in. Our rule on the road was one person standing, one person sitting.

The sky had been overcast and we did have some rain overnight. We were just hoping it wold hold off until we were finished and it did.

We returned the RV, without a hitch. Paper work done, including all the things we had to buy, and the 4 new tires - yikes remember that.

Upon reflection it seems a life time ago that we left Calgary on this trip not 6 months.

It is going to take us another 6 months to process all that we saw and experienced. I think we will enjoy that especially sitting in our spacious RV and there will be no hills or stairs to climb.

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