Our Adventure in Spain and Portugal 2015 travel blog

We said farewell to the Contessa

The sun came out!

Mateus Palace


Great garden

Looks like a Hobbit hole


Wine tasting

A dominant statue



inside the crushing area

A well used grape crushing tub


A big cask



The wine



A vineyard

Salt pads



A weed that is eatable


A canal boat in the "Venice of Portugal"

Resting after an intensive day

Canal boat shaped pastry

The real boats

Aveiro tour

Tiles on the buildings

Typical road

Douro Valley/Aveiro 10/6/2015

We said farewell to our Contessa host as the sun began to sneak out from behind the clouds on her vineyards. After a visit to Mateus Palace (yes, that Mateus - remember the 60s and 70s?) with a formal garden (no photos allowed inside), we arrived at the Pacheca winery where we had a tour of the wine making process and of course had a tasting and a nice lunch.

Our final stop after this long day was at Aveiro which produces sea salt from evaporation pans. The “harvest” was in since the summer season is over and we only got to see the salt pans and the piles of salt on the shore under tarps to protect them from the rain. There were some flamingos scooping up crustaceans in a distant salt pad. These birds come in for the winter. Our guide, Susanna, bought us sweet treat pastries which resemble the boats that travel on the canals in Aveiro which has been nicknamed “The Venice of Portugal.” Again there were ceramic tiles on the buildings to help keep the corrosive action of the sea air from making them look dingy.

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